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Sep 3, 2023 - 2 minute read - Comments

Jedi Devs and Sith Ops

I had a notion to put together a lightning talk based on a thread in the socialz from a long while back. The talk never formed and the thread is on a site that I don’t care to link to anymore, so I’m dropping it here. The thread started with a bullfrog and it ended in Star Wars.

Alas, poor Jeremiah! I knew him well, Horatio. He was a good friend of mine. A skeleton of a large bullfrog in a museum display case.

To which a colleague Jeffrey Horn remarked, “You’re pretty good at mixing metaphors. You must be a programmer.”

After a bit, I replied …

Jeffrey, I’ve been trying and failing to think of a metaphor in response. Thus, my Developer facade crumbles and my Ops dark side is revealed.

Hmm. Ops Dark Side. There might be something to that.

To wit:

Our power comes from anger. #DarkSideOps

#JediDevs all want to make their own tools. “I want my lightsaber to be purple!” Ops: “Sabers are red.”

Red lightsabers are easier to deploy. See, I made this one double-bladed! #DarkSideOps From the movie Star Wars: the Phantom Menace, a humanoid clad in black draws a lightsaber that has two blades.

(I don’t care what your opinion is of the rest of Star Wars: the Phantom Menance, that double-bladed lightsaber was heckin’ mind-blowing for a Gen-X sci-fi goober to see for the first time in theaters in 1999.)

#JediDevs have a whole academy. [Code schools, yea?] #DarkSideOps is generally underfunded with only a master and an apprentice.

(Eric Carlisle gets it: “The rule of two!”)

Kids generally want to grow up to be #JediDevs. People just find themselves in #DarkSideOps after some terrible experiences.

A follow-up to Jeffrey:

OK. Maybe I found a metaphor after all. There must still be good in me.

To which Jeffrey followed up, “Metaphors lead to hate.”

Oh! Zing!

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