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Sep 3, 2023 - 2 minute read - Comments

Jedi Devs and Sith Ops

I had a notion to put together a lightning talk based on a thread in the socialz from a long while back. The talk never formed and the thread is on a site that I don’t care to link to anymore, so I’m dropping it here. The thread started with a bullfrog and it ended in Star Wars.

Sep 7, 2019 - 7 minute read - Comments

Multi-Shell Shebangery

I have been poking around inside RubyInstaller, the venerable package for installing a Ruby environment on a Windows host. I became entranced by the magical incantation that appears at the top of the Ruby binstubs installed by RubyInstaller. The incantation is what makes these binstubs work in either Windows Command Shell or in UNIXy sh/bash or even processed directly by the Ruby interpreter. It is a marvel, though it took me a while to work out how it does its magic. I thought I would pick it apart here, for my own memory and for anyone else lost wondering what’s going on in there.